“I have been bringing my children and myself to see Katie Lee for sometime now and the results we have achieved are truly amazing. I would recommend Katie to everyone I know she has managed to sort out many of our emotional issues and physical ailments, which without her we would still be suffering and struggling with. I hope to train one day as a homeopath. Thank you Katie!”

MW, Ewell

“Thank you very much again for the dedication you put in the consultations you had with me. You were – from the beginning – spot on with your questions and treatment. You are blessed with a lot of knowledge about homeopathic remedies, empathy and love.

I would recommend you to anyone, even in Holland. We actually need a Katie like you over here in The Netherlands. Hope you will help more people as much as you have helped me!”


“Katie is a fabulous practitioner who is helping to turn my life around. Her intuition is effortless and precise – she has a great talent for knowing what needs to be done, what combination of remedies to prescribe, and what other support from her range of skills (including diet advice and energy healing) is needed to aid a person’s journey to true recovery.

She was so quick to assemble a strategy plan to help get me on route to clearing a catalogue of behaviour problems, and re-install balance in my system. All of it was tailored to my needs, via her huge heart, crystal clear intuition and exceptional practitioner skills.

I’m very grateful for her and would recommend her services to all people seeking to fully heal themselves. I have tried CBI and talking based therapies, but this 360degree holistic approach that Katie offers – really did it for me.”


“Katie was recommended to me through a friend. Homeopathy was something new to me that I learnt about on my journey when trying to improve my health. She has turned around a lot of difficulties for me over the many years I have been going to her for healing.

This has been emotional and physical issues such as anxiety, depression and skin problems as well as changing my mind set on day-to-day challenges that we all experience. My greatest achievement, all thanks to Katie’s guidance, is overcoming headaches and migraines. After at least three years of severely suffering with these on a daily basis I am now happy, energetic and headache-free! Katie is a warming, uplifting and very caring homeopath – thank you.”


“When I went to see Katie for consultation the first time, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I had several issues for which I was seeking advice – some physical and some emotional. The whole experience was so positive – very calming and well worth the journey – I’m not local.

Katie was very thorough in her approach and she explained that each issue had to be dealt with separately, like ‘peeling back the layers’. I feel fantastic now – the remedies prescribed have rid me of the symptoms. Even my ‘skeptical’ husband is a convert and my daughters have been successfully treated as well. I have recommended Katie to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.”

JA, Guildford

“I want to thank you for your on-going support as my homeopath. I left my last appointment armed with remedies for my medical condition, but most importantly at that time also for my mental attitude/health. Your healing hands seemed to have an immediate effect and I continue to feel positive. Looking forward to my next appointment.”

Sam, Reigate

“Homeopathy has completely changed mine and my family’s lives. I am married with 2 children, boy of 7 and girl of 10 and we treat everything from fingers in doors to chest infections with homeopathy. I was first introduced when I saw ‘magic’ work in front of my eyes when my 1 year old shut her fingers in a door and her fingers were purple and swelling fast. After giving 2 remedies for half an hour there was not even a mark left on her – it was amazing!

My son was born with chest problems and suffered with terrible chest infections, which by the time he was 3, were sorted by homeopathy. We do not have the need of antibiotics as homeopathy has always worked very quickly for a speedy recovery. I could not possibly list all the things we have used homeopathy for as its endless, but I will say give it a try as there will be no turning back!”

Helen, Ewell

“Ever since I have been taking homeopathic remedies & flower essences, I feel uplifted & positive, my energy has increased, I have the joy back in my life and its all thanks to Katie Lee. The remedies have had a dramatic effect on my physical body and my whole outlook on how I view and run my life. I would thoroughly recommend Katie to everybody I know!”

Julia, Tadworth

“At first I would say I bumped into Katie by chance, now I have learnt this was actually vibrational attraction. Far out I know, so stay with me if that’s not your cup of tea.

Prior to my work with Katie, I had covertly had a five-year struggle with cancer, HIV status, chronic back pain and severe anxiety. I arrived in her hands having been man-handled by what I considered were the best consultants Harley Street with all they had to offer and all that money could buy, along with a wheelbarrow full of side effects I had been keeping very quiet.

Little did I know Katie was able to supplement my prescribed medication, relieve me of my self-medication, and entirely remove my wheelbarrow full of side effects I was experiencing and negative emotions that were no longer serving me. Some of these included panic attacks which were ruling my life, nightmares, chronic diarrhoea, crippling pain in my lumber spine, head-aches, and bruised self confidence.

Katie works in a completely different way to the consultants I have experienced, for a start she has an approachable bedside manor where anything personal, physical, or emotional desires can becomes a possibility and reality, trust me.

In addition to my treatment, Katie has educated and opened my eyes to spiritual awareness. Something I was not expecting or thought I was interested in. I started as a person who thought crystals and chakras was a load of cr*p and plain hocus-pocus. She has given me the tools to shine the light on areas of my life that I want to either remove, manifest or wish for.

It’s a team effort and there has been hard work from both myself and she, my beautiful teacher, that at times has been incredibly good fun. What I have leant is a life lesson, it’s about self-love and standing in your truth, and that pumping oneself full of unnecessary drugs and holding on to negative emotions can only cause damage and a great deal of hurt to your self, and even those around you!

I am so grateful for Katie’s professionalism, confidentiality, knowledge, and commitment to my unique patient requirements. Call her a homeopath, healing consultant, teacher, life-coach, beautiful soul, it’s still hard for me to describe.

But if you are feeling rock bottom like I was, or perhaps just have a stomach ache and you want to treat it in a soft and gentle way, go and see this amazing lady. But be prepared, as you will leave her magical and welcoming studio a happier, healthy and entirely different person. You have nothing to lose.

Thank you is not enough my friend xxx”


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