Intuitive Healing

In addition to standard homeopathy and flower essence remedies, I also offer tailor made individual healing sessions if you are looking to make some significant shifts in your physical, emotional and spiritual development.

The sessions stimulate a deep healing in the mind and body, and are very effective for releasing long standing stress and anxiety, grief, trauma or chronic disease in the physical body, undoing addictions, compulsive behaviours or habitual family patterns.

These tailored individual healing sessions usually last for 1.5 to 2 hours.

After carefully assessing your needs, in the same way as I do for homeopathy patients, from a space of unconditional love I use a variety of healing modalities to help address those areas that you are ready to heal, including hands-on healing, chakra balancing, energy alignment and attunement.

Healing hands image with words of healing, intention, peace, kindness, etc

“Katie is a fabulous practitioner who is helping to turn my life around. Her intuition is effortless and precise – she has a great talent for knowing what needs to be done, what combination of remedies to prescribe, and what other support from her range of skills (including diet advice and energy healing) is needed to aid a person’s journey to true recovery.

She was so quick to assemble a strategy plan to help get me on route to clearing a catalogue of behaviour problems, and re-install balance in my system. All of it was tailored to my needs, via her huge heart, crystal clear intuition and exceptional practitioner skills.

I’m very grateful for her and would recommend her services to all people seeking to fully heal themselves. I have tried CBI and talking based therapies, but this 360 degree holistic approach that Katie offers – really did it for me.”


Katie Lee teaching a spiritual development group in Epsom Surrey

Katie and offers intuitive healing in the her purpose build Clinic in Betchworth, Surrey

During the session you will usually be lying down so you can be fully open and supported. There will be a powerful balancing and healing on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. You will also usually become aware of what you need to do in practical ways to continue to improve and maintain your health.

Any medical treatments, medications or therapies that you have been using will be complemented and enhanced by this intuitive healing.

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Please get in touch to discuss how I can best support you. Prices for tailor made healing will vary according to your individual needs.